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Debt Based Banking: It's All About to End

This is from a new blog by Andrew Kemp.  He come's out of the gate swinging with this article!  Welome to fray Andrew!

Business Insider: It’s All About to End
Posted on July 1, 2012

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but it really isn’t. When is the beginning of the end of a prison a bad thing when the good guys are on the inside and the guardsmen are bankers?

When I say ‘It’, I don’t just mean a snivvly little recession, or even a depression, I mean the whole system of fiat currency and debt financing. As a recap, fiat currency is not backed by anything, so its value is only what people trust it is worth. Now that people are realising that our money is NOT backed by gold or metals or anything, and that even making money out of thin air won’t solve the problems, our trust in the very paper money causing the problems is, well, nil. When I say ‘debt financing’, I mean that everything is based on debt. This starts with the central banks, which lend money to governments and populations at interest, which requires more money to be printed to pay off the original currency issue, and so on and so on.

The first video explains the debt financing side of things, and the second video explains the fiat currency side of things (fractional reserve banking). Take both together, and you can see that we are deliberately indebted with money that is worthless:

Now, Business Insider has four articles all at once that say ‘the game is over’!

Article 1: Why The Debt-Dependent Status Quo Is Doomed in One Chart (click to go to article)

In a nutshell, this article explains why the world can no longer pay for its debt, and thus, the system can no longer keep going. Here is a fancy-looking graph that shows that our economies are addicted to debt-financing – ie when we can no longer raise and pay for new debt, the economy suffers (ie has no actual cash reserves to carry on):

UPDATED: Solar Flare???

Solar Flare?  CME? or Greenlight?  Your guess is as good as mine.

By SolarIMG on July 1st, 2012 at 11:38 am

We’ve lost comms with all satellites.
Goddard is down but … Datacenter is on west coast for SDO ??? Something is up.

UPDATE:  A reader provided the following:

Solar monitors offline!
We believe that solarwatchers noticed all main solar monitors like SOHO and SDO are down. They are offline and you cannot access any data. For now, we still don’t have any official information why is it so, but stay tuned, we’ll be back with more info!

SOHO is down.

SDO is down too…

SDAC site down as well…

STEREO A and STEREO B are down. is DOWN!

For now, all the sites are still down, but you can watch SDO/AIA images in near-real time on Belgium site:

PS: Check out the massive tirangular stargate on the Sun at the URL above! -AK

Barclay's LIBOR Corruption a Phony Ploy to Strengthen the Bloomberg/Qatar QIBOR?

Reposted from The Daily Bell

Barclay's LIBOR Corruption a Phony Ploy to Strengthen the Bloomberg/Qatar QIBOR?

Thursday, June 28, 2012 – by Staff Report

Barclays Libor fix trail leads to senior managers ... Senior Barclays managers were worried over negative headlines during the financial crisis and contributed to a culture that fixed key funding rates artificially low, U.S. and UK regulators said in reaching a settlement with the bank. The findings based on internal emails and other communications raise questions about how high up the Barclays management chain came instructions to submit lower rates, and who knew about the rate rigging. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: The corruption of these Western banks is terminal!

Free-Market Analysis: So Barclay's resides at the "heart of darkness" which is LIBOR – various rates at which banks and the rest of can borrow. Something isn't quite right about this.

Bloomberg is busy setting up QIBOR in Qatar, and the putative explanation is that there is too much corruption in London. Now we have an example of corruption! Convenient? Right on time ...

QIBOR is just like LIBOR and those involved will "set" the rate at which banks borrow after conversing with banks themselves. This is a US$ 90 trillion market and thus the movement of this facility from London to Qatar is no small event.

If one were interested in moving such a large market, charges of corruption would surely be helpful. And lo and behold, we are reading about them everywhere.

What is the big deal about financial corruption? It is simply a fact that the world's modern central banking is shot through with corruption. How could it be otherwise? It begins with central banks that fix the price of money and its volume and continues from there.

When a small group of people have the power to basically print as much money as they want – and do – then to act surprised that "corruption" permeates the entire system is somewhat, well ... manipulative in our view.
This LIBOR "scandal" has a manufactured smell to it in our humble opinion. For one thing, the headlines are screaming about Barclay's as if the bank was manipulating rates UP (and maybe they did). But this Reuters story indicates that rates were being set artificially low – because of a fear that Barclay's would be seen as a gouger.

Portal 2012:Green Light Update

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Green Light Update

Real Green Light has not been issued yet. When that happens, action will be taken within 24 hours timeframe. This action will be very evident for everyone and nobody will have any more doubts whatsoever.

I have received hints from independent sources that action might indeed take place by Fourth of July. However, they were just hints and I can not completely confirm this. Even if nothing happens by then, rest assured that mass arrests WILL happen. The Cabal must be removed from this planet and that removal will happen within a reasonable timeframe.

It is worth mentioning that there are interesting  developments in occult economy  taking place. The Resistance Movement has been playing with and testing the computer systems of the Rothschilds banking casino to prepare for the Reset:

Eastern Alliance and White Dragon Society are very active during this weekend, putting additional pressure to the system.

This is all in preparation for the “financial Green Light” as Drake calls it.

Many members of the Cabal are now seriously considering “silent surrender” when the Event happens.

The Event is a worldwide operation. In USA it will happen through the Positive Military. In Canada and Australia it will be a combination of their own Positive Military and Interpol. In Europe, it will be carried out through the positive faction inside Interpol and NATO. In Asia, it will be a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society. In Latin America it will happen through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America and whose name can not be disclosed. Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.

And finally, the Resistance will give support with Operation Omega Phoenix:

Pleiadians with Operation Stardust 2:

And we collectively with our mass meditations:

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