Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The City of London Banking Cabal Implodes

Things are moving so fast in the UK now I don't think even I can keep up with it. I found this interesting web site at The Guardian that is updating the news in realtime so rather than re-write all this coming out, I'm just going to direct you to this amazing URL directly:

Barclays blames 'senior Whitehall figures' for Libor scandal
as Bob Diamond resigns - live feed

2008 email implicates Bank of England and Labour government in Libor manipulation
• Barclays briefs media on CEO's departure - 3.25pm onwards
• COO Jerry Del Missier also resigns - full details
Sir Mervyn King implicated.....
Will Diamond now 'declare war' on Bank of England?
Boris Johnson still values Diamond
Barclays statement here

Note: The Bank of England is Rothschild . It is, like the Federal Reserve (co-owned by blood-line families along with the Rothschilds) , anything but Government owned, despite its official sounding name.  All central banks are Rothschild owned but 2 (I believe Russia and China).  The BIS is also a Rothschild enterprise.


  1. It amazes me how these criminals decide to resign as soon as they're caught and expect that everyone should be satisfied with that and not be investigated or charged with any criminal charges plus get a huge severance package to boot.

    1. Given the amazing changes going on in the 140 BRIC nations (i.e. no more business deals with the western banking cabal)and the practically open ended exposure of so many banking crimes worldwide, I believe you will not only see justice come in a balanced way very soon but also a smooth transition to a whole new, value backed world economy that will no longer tolerate the fraud and greed that we have bourne together over the past centuries. You gotta believe if you wanna stay sane.

  2. And the way the main stream news depicts it is absolute garbage they stuck up for the bad guys in a way.i reckon the news readers are gonna need to be arrested too.they know exactally what they are doing and just go along with it.unless they have a gun pointed at their heads and are threatened to read.they must be.or they have just been fearfully brainwashed to believe the garbage they read out

  3. Bankers seem to think that they are above the law due to being rich and having a great deal of power. Unfortunately for them their days are numbered as it is so obvious that the banking system and the establishment in general which was used to control us is about to come crashing down. There is a quote which Aragorn says in the film Lord of the Rings when he becomes King, he says "Now let us rebuild this world in the days that we may share in peace." This will be exactly what we will do :) Love Belle.

  4. Can't remember what website it was and I don't know if the story had any truth to it, but it was a very interesting read anyways: as the story was - I read about how some earth like planet not too far from here, had been going through their version of the nwo global takeover.

    As it were, once their cabalist plans had "won" their last trump card, 8 months later, their "pyramid" of control imploded. At this point now, society there is now Thriving! (well that's what I read anyways)

    The point i'm making is that I find it very interesting that, technically, our last trump card being our internet freedom, has been somewhat trumped now with CISPA. But, CISPA was passed near the end of April, roughly 8 months before our infamous date at the end of this year!

    And now you see imploding going on in our system here and there... Personally, I believe the cabal is finished, I suppose simply because I refuse to give into the fears of them winning.

    Could be nothing, or could be something, I thought it was worth noting...

    1. If you come across that URL please forward it to me. I am interested in it.

    2. I would have enjoyed reading your article. I read something similar from a UFO book "The Thiaoouba Prophecy." http://www.thiaoouba.com/ In many languages.

      Change must be initiated by individual people who do not follow the flock. Earth's future is not fixed, it's constantly changing, our consciousness changes it ever second. If a sufficient number of people (the critical mass) have the right attitude, many others will click or tune in to this new awareness - telepathically.

      The Earth is in a process of transformation in order to move in a higher frequency. Every planet goes through a transformation life this. It is the natural way of evolution.

      That is the reaon why the Dark Earth controllers which consist of Earth humans and evil Extra-terrestrials are doing everyhthing to keep the Earth frequency low. They are exploding atomic bombs on the ground and high in the sky to disturb the magnetic field of the Earth, spreading the energy of war, hate, competition thinking and idiocy through the media and creating fear by manipulating the economy.

      They are afraid that the population will evolve and grow too much, so they spray chemicals with planes to make the population ill. They are doing even more with food. They want total control of everything. But there is a power that is able to stop them, and this power is SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

      The more people that use their spiritual power of real Universal Love, the easier it is to eliminate these threats. As long as we see the earth as divided countries, disliking each other and being in competition, we're making it very easy for the evil earth controllers.


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