Wednesday, February 3, 2016

As We Shift - Creating Miracles

Note: What a powerful image this is, it's the new transformed
 lion leading the cub...

Can you feel it?

Feel the grasping and pulling; the demanding of your attention? Times and events are all over the map at warp speed. From personal to pivotal, miraculous to mundane, global to local – life is being rent in two.

What’s real? What’s important? What’s the best response? What does “best” even look like?

The following list will give you a glimpse inside this female brain, (you know, the sort of brain that remembers EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME):
1. A Presidential race (USA) 
2. A loved one in ICU 
3. An off world superhighway, calling daily 
4. A loved one facing cancer surgery 
5. A trickle of disclosure happening globally 
6. A job loss & resulting income loss 
7. A negative interest rate on US Treasury Bonds 
8. A loved one’s upcoming court trial 
9. A child being bullied 
10. A calling for support in Oregon 
11. A host of dietary changes to promote physical healing
Before this shift, things would be easily prioritized by relevance and ability to effect change. Things are different now. The process of creation and manifestation is clear. Attitude is everything.

There’s something else too. We are choosing. Picking the world we want to occupy, the things we want to be doing, the kinds of people and beings we want to be doing them with. We are choosing our assumption.

You see, we didn’t come here to abandon this life; we came to live it while we simultaneously transform.

The word “assumption’, when used to describe your locale (referred to often as dimension), is expansive and inclusive. Here’s how it’s being applied to the previous 11 Female Brain Occupiers:

(Note: 3D = Present Earth Vibe, 5+D = New Earth Vibe)

1. Not much focus here (not much creation here, remaining in a 5+D Assumption) 
2. Sending love, light & food (3D + 5+D Assumption) 
3. Each day, at least once, connecting in (5D+++ Assumption) 
4. Phone calls, travel plans, heaps of love & light (3D + 5D Assumption) 
5. Watching and supporting all that is helpful (All Assumptions) 
6. Focusing on positive news; offering support, love and budgeting (Both Assumptions) 
7. Taking note but no more focus (No creation here, remaining in a 5D Assumption) 
8. Focus on positive outcome & letting it go. Sending love & light. (Both Assumptions) 
9. Defusing situation with introduction of unconditional acceptance (5D+ Assumption) 
10. Noticing & sending love & light (5D+ Assumption) 
11. Cooking & eating to support all of me (Both Assumptions)

I imagine it is about the same for you. I apply what I know where I am able, while wanting the new to be here NOW. It’s not yet, and no pretending on my part will help me to successfully navigate this current life. There are glimpses though, of what the new entails & includes, as well as what it doesn’t.

I don’t’ know how this is going to work. How in one day we’ll be living in a new Assumption with our planet occupying the same one. Perhaps it happens like this, gradually, with incremental progress noticed more in some places than others. Perhaps it ultimately shifts in a single breath. What I am sure of is that we chose to figure this out, together. If we can look at these times now as practice sessions, it will help.

Consistently assume a 5D+ approach, even if you keep it to yourself. Speak it out loud when you can – give others the chance to witness the new.

Just this week I’ve had responses from people aged 5 to 85 – reporting to me an assortment of 5D happenings. These range from telephone calls from the other side and mystery bags of chocolate appearing to dramatic personal transformations; each of them miracles and love erupting smack in the middle of their 3D assumption. What about those bullying children (#9)? They responded to the love solution offered & the classroom is now altered.

You came to display what acceptance, gratitude and expansion looks like in a place that televises competition, anger, holding grudges and violence on every channel, every day. Yours is an untold story, begging to be told. You are the storyteller, the one who knows the ending.

It is the one you hold in your heart. You are assured of it because creation is what you do. Assume, intend, believe. We are in the Fastlane now. Be aware of all the exits while staying the course. You’ve got this.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,


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