Thursday, February 11, 2016

As We Shift - Notice

Super bowl half-time shows, to a certain extent, reflect our current state of awareness.  They become a focal point for millions (human and otherwise), who are all watching and experiencing it at a single moment. They send a message.  This year’s was “Believe in Love”.

It’s been applauded and ripped apart and analyzed since then.  This is not an attempt at any of that, it is merely a watching.  This year, the message is in sharp contrast to prior years, and this reflects where we are right now. We are moving out of domination and control by power elite and into unity. “Wherever you are, we’re in this together.” (Coldplay)

Without agenda or opinion about favorite artist, we got chills while watching it live, and that has never happened.

“We’re gonna get it, get it together right now.” (Coldplay, BeyoncĂ©, Bruno Mars)

The shift is evident all over the place.  This is validation.  Notice. 

You need not look very far to see or feel this shift.  We may not know exactly how or when this process completes itself, but we know it is happening with increased intensity right now.

Our bodies are preparing, rectifying whatever needs to be fixed, with mysterious ailments and fatigue.  It seems that regardless of what the presenting issue is, the answer is “vegetables”.  Check out this best seller, “How not to die”. This response to health is offered instead of massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs, and people are listening.

Our children, (the canaries in this coal mine), are gleefully disregarding most, (if not all), efforts to control their movement.  Their excitement is obvious. They can feel it.

Our young are discouraged with the government and what they see as a clown parade, as well as mounting massive debt with no clear way of escape. So they continue to play at life, wondering what theirs is going to resemble someday – probably not their parent’s.

Our elders are confused by all of these responses.  They notice that the “same old, same old” answers aren’t solving the problem and aren’t sure what will.

The core of power rests in the middle aged.  This group is torn down the center with “woo woo” hope for transformation on one side and business as usual on the other. There is beginning to be a meshing of the two, if slightly. This is most likely from where those boots and heels on the ground will be orchestrating things; all hands are needed.

Everyone is not on the same page as we head towards our new world.  Some of us are not really aware we are heading anyplace new.  That’s right and perfect. The point here is that regardless of age or attitude, we are shifting.  You can’t help but notice.  Our global voice has changed key.

The more we reinforce progress with our individual energy – the faster this works. Notice these changes and talk about them when you do.  Let’s get this moving even faster. We are ready.

As you approach your own core truth you may be surprised.  He or she may not fit so comfortably into those old shoes you are wearing.  Hang in there, you aren’t done yet.  Modulations and variations are subtle.  Allow for things to settle.

The important one to listen to is reading these words.  Know that she whispers and he is not used to being heard.  If this time is about anything at all it is about honoring that inner voice.

You have to quiet down enough to hear it first.  Then, and this is the hard part, it is meant to be heeded.  From dietary changes to job shifts to the focus of conversations – you will be shifting.

You don’t’ have to right away, take as much time as is necessary to be the most effective.  But be clear on one thing – change is unavoidable.  You are not now who you will become and preparations are necessary.

Get comfortable with change.  It’s about to be a constant in our lives.  Let’s do this the only way we can – together.  We came for this part.  We’ve got this.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With love,

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