Friday, February 26, 2016

As We Shift - Tales From the Front

There is so much to share today.  The last blog post, “Just 30% to go” , has sparked all of us!  Many thanks to those 35+ new members of the newsletter!  This Shift and Disclosure are happening with each expanded view.

Here’s a sampling of what’s happening for some of us:  (There isn’t enough room to include every story I’ve been told, but thanks for sharing them!)

Most of you know I regularly connect with non-human-earth-surface beings. (I just love how our view today includes an idea that “ET” doesn’t cover it!) I was having some energy work done by a healer last week and he found something that can only be defined as “weird”.  My frequencies on the right and left don’t match.  One side is faster, (the left).  Now this healer knows me; we’ve worked together for years.  This was a first for both of us.

My response to this news was “Whenever I connect, it is always felt on my left side. It is now so precise that I sense it all sorts of times, often when I am not able to respond (think – while driving).  In those moments, I tell them to hold on and I’ll get to them later.” We decided I literally have one foot in each world/reality/dimension/assumption.  Cool!

Daniel was inspired and produced the first video below:

Vicki shared this:
“Just this morning I lay in bed quietly when I began to feel anxiety.  I went to the place of being the observer - non-judgment - not letting my mind tell a story about what I was experiencing.  I had just moments before read about the 5D energies and how we could simply will ourselves there - like you mentioned in your article of going to the Christmas tree to open the gifts instead of waiting for it to come TO you.  So I decided to try it out.  I expected nothing and I mean nothing.  Instead what happened was I felt this energy go through my spine and I felt light - as though i could simply float away. Then I felt giddy and couldn't stop smiling and giggling a bit.  I felt like a child - a feeling that has become foreign to me over the past 15 years.  
I tried it again later and had a similar experience.  
You are absolutely correct when you say it is up to US to intend ourselves to this energy frequency and we must do so from a place of non-judgment for ourselves.  Love ourselves.  Forgive ourselves for what we haven't known and what we think we have done and haven’t done.  It takes practice and I believe we will be in and out of these frequencies until we grow accustomed not only to these new frequencies but also to loving ourselves completely.”

Steve started today like this:
“Something incredible happened this morning when I went out to walk the dogs. The sun was just coming up but the light seemed alive. It was clearer than I’ve ever seen it; it had the most golden hue. It struck me as being alive with the equations that govern this existence, I could almost see them and they could not have been more beautiful. I was speechless. Then my dog barked and I realized she had not made it through the fire door of my building as I stood there dumbfounded by the beauty. In the seconds it took to turn around and to get her, the light was gone. Clouds had covered it up. I don’t know how to describe it. I could practically see the love in it.

And Jamie has this to add:
“These energies are something else--hilarion's message this week summed up how i feel at this tyme so well--yes, i changed the spelling of tyme, because the old word feels so foreign
oh, and Ishtar visited--since then i have known so much calm and bliss--not 100 percent unflappable, but 97.9
as you have said and i have known-we are the ones we are waiting for--thank you so very much”

It’s great to take note of these happenings and share.  That’s how we create.  We are associative beings.  Concrete “evidence” helps us to build memories and reinforce beliefs.  We will only create what we believe is possible.

Since the Conscious Life Expo, I’ve been seeking contact with those who can offer information on Disclosure.  Here are a few words from several of the beings who connected this week:

“The people working for the light will have to forget ego and altruistically seek Disclosure.  Contentment with waiting cannot continue.  Contentment is shown when light workers promote non-essentials and point fingers, arguing with one another over truth.  There is but one truth.  That truth is unity and unconditional acceptance.
It was seen that the light-workers would pull this off and they have come so very close.
Love in every moment regardless of your view or circumstance.  It is the power to alter your world that you quite literally hold.  There is not a reason to wait or judge.  Only to love and open the light on the world – It is needed now.  It is up to you.”  

We have to move where we desire to be, and encourage movement by others in every walk of life, in any way we can.  I’ve seen a “grass roots movement” mentioned demanding disclosure, with the name “Unanimous” used as a powerful moniker.  This is being imagined being similarly staged to “Occupy Wall Street”; massive, organized and global. These are great ideas.

The evidence is all around us; this shift is happening.  This morning the clerk at the grocery store summed things up perfectly.  His response to my “How are you?” question was bright, sparkling eyes, a fist bump in the air and “I’m great! I opened up my eyes this morning and said “yes!” I did it! One more day!” Every day that happens I am grateful.”

He had the greatest smile.  Now add to this picture the fact that he has two young children and is working as a cashier for not much more than minimum wage.  He sees the gift of his life right now and became a gift in mine.

Whomever and wherever we are, we are this shift. We only need decide.  Today’s song (the second video below) was inspired by yet another of us, Joej:

“The physical body is a mask. It’s an illusion. We are all walking around in suits. The True you and me is the soul essence inside...
But when the soul/spirit steps into this advanced machine/physical body... You forget ...and the mind/brain of the physical machine is in control...  
As your spirituality develops your soul/spirit/Astral body takes more control over the operations while in the body...
When you astral travel and have separation from body...
Now the Soul/Spirit mind is now in complete Control as well as the spirit/soul eyes and all of its sensor’s.  
No interference from physical brain/mind except for experiences from the physical you have retained.
Anyway...I think the fusing of these two is what part of the ascending is all about...
An Awakening of WHO you are....”The Who” sing... (Who....Are You...Who Who ...Who Who)

Knowing this...We No longer can be enslaved... and should be able to enjoy both realities Physical and Etheric at will by Astral projection. How’s that?”

It’s perfect.

You know who you are.  You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

PS – Each day I telepathically connect with a variety of beings, none of them human.  They’ve reached out to introduce themselves, their way of living and looking, and ideas around such things as love, unity, acceptance and governance. I’m sending a free monthly newsletter sharing some of their stories and if you’d like even more, a weekly subscriber’s publication.  

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